Hidden Garden

Albany, New York

Hidden, neglected, and overgrown for many years behind a wood frame house and boutique is a garden that was once part of a larger country garden. The garden was originally conceived and created by the late master gardener Richard Stott Anderson in the early 1980’s. The rediscovery of the historic garden was inspired by the garden’s overgrown yet natural beauty; the project designer engaged in “intuitive forensics,” balancing a critical eye to the form buried by neglect and the inherent opportunities of natural and found materials discovered on site. The approach included maintaining many of the recently established plant species, salvaged recycled materials, and natural raw materials found on site. The existing stone path was extended to loop around a weathered copper fountain, and then reconnect to the larger country garden. Wattle fencing was installed utilizing overgrown water sprouts harvested from the existing apple tree. Peach trees were planted reminiscent of the owner’s family orchard. Works from local artisans are woven throughout the garden, which is a highlight of the Albany House and Garden Tour.

The Upstate New York American Society of Landscape Architects has recognized this project with an Honor Award for Residential Garden Design.